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Montfort Group of Schools are managed by the Christian Religious Congregation of the Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel known for their unique.
Service in the field of education since 310 years. Today Montfort brothers serve more than 200 Educational Institutions throughout India and 43 countries around the world.
MONTFORT SCHOOL at Palakurichi, Marungapuri (T.K), Trichy (D.t) is yet another endeavor to create future leaders for the country. Initially, the school was established in the name of St.James Nursery and Primary School in the year 1996 and now it is upgraded in to MONTFORT SCHOOL in the year 2019 syllabus from 2019 onwards…,with well qualified teaching and non – teaching staff with Digital Smart Learning... And be proud that our children are globally connected as he/she steps in to MONTFORT SCHOOL.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to help the young develop into upright, creative and loyal citizens, imbued with love for God and compassion and concern for others and nature, with divine sensitivity and a sense of personal freedom and to equip them to earn a living and contribute to the economic and social progress of the nation and integrity of creation.

Our Mission

Our mission priorities. Our primary option is to liberate the economically, educationally and culturally less favoured in the society. Making disciple of truth justice and peace for the building up of the KINDGOM OF GOD, is the characteristic mark of their dedicated life.



To Aspire is to do or be something special.
To Inspire is to excel and urge others to do or be something unique.


The school logo is a graphic representation of the Montfortain Vision of Education that aims at the integrated and holistic formation of the youth entrusted to our care.
LAMP = Liberation from darkness of ignorance.
DS = Dieu Saul = “God Alone,” is the motto of St. Montfort whose inspiration, Montfort Brothers try to live and lead the young to the Divine Reality of God.
BOOKS = Represent students’ quest for knowledge.
HANDS = Teacher’s extended hand to the child symbolises his/her vocation to be a Friend and philosopher.
SG = Stands for ST. GABRIEL, the official name of the Montfort Brothers’ Congregation.

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